Des Moines Marina Master Plan

Redevelopment to add waterfront amenities

The City of Des Moines is working on a multiyear project to update its waterfront and marina.

The redevelopment will be anchored by the new Marina Steps, which will provide a much-needed pedestrian link between downtown Des Moines and its waterfront. The steps will showcase the views and natural beauty of the area and provide community gathering spaces.

“This is an outstanding effort by the City of Des Moines to reimagine their waterfront and create a new community space,”  said Josh Brown, PSRC’s Executive Director. Josh visited with City Manager Michael Matthias and took a tour of the area.  “There has been so much thoughtful planning and community engagement that is moving this project forward, and it’s a great example of how cities around the region are working to invest in the future of their communities.”

The Marina Steps are the first phase in a master plan that includes public and private investment. The final project will be a 45,265-square-foot activity hub connecting to an improved marina with more moorage and storage as well as opportunities for maritime business and retail.

The steps will also include some innovative stormwater features, including water infiltration planters along the pedestrian walk, reconnections of natural drainage, and a landscape infiltration treatment on the corridor between the city and Puget Sound.

The City of Des Moines is also planning improvements to the adjacent Beach Park and Overlook Park areas above the Marina, to further integrate the new development and create better pedestrian connections.