Developing growth scenarios for VISION 2050

Growth Management Policy Board continues work on Regional Growth Strategy

On October 4, the Growth Management Policy Board will continue working on growth concepts for the VISION 2050 Regional Growth Strategy.

About 1.8 million more people are expected to join us here in the central Puget Sound region by 2050. Where will we fit them in?

Developing a big picture strategy for where growth should happen is a key part of the update to VISION 2050.

This fall, the growth board is working to define two or three distinct growth scenarios for environmental analysis. The results of that analysis will help the board develop a preferred growth alternative in 2019.

What if the region stays the course?  What happens if more growth is directed toward areas with high capacity transit?  Or if growth is more spread out?

The analysis will look at how different growth patterns affect things like transit ridership, jobs-housing balance, access to opportunity and more.

The board is expected to confirm growth alternatives for analysis at its November meeting.

In 2019, following the environmental analysis, the board could select an existing alternative or seek to develop a preferred alternative by modifying any of these initial alternatives and/or by combining elements from different alternatives.

Also at the October 4 meeting, the board will learn about proposed updates to the housing chapter for VISION 2050 and provide direction on potential changes to housing policies and actions.

The Growth Management Policy Board will meet October 4, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., at PSRC. Find the full agenda here or watch the meeting video.