Draft Regional Transportation Plan

Released for public comment

The Puget Sound Regional Council has released a new draft Regional Transportation Plan for public comment.  The draft plan describes how the region is planning to catch up and keep up on transportation over the next two decades, while the region’s population is expected to swell to nearly five million people. PSRC is encouraging public comment on the draft plan through January 31, 2018.

“This is the first regional plan than describes the projects and programs the region is counting on to catch up on transportation over the next decades.  It includes the most aggressive investments in infrastructure in the region’s history,” says Seattle Councilmember Rob Johnson, Chair of the region’s Transportation Policy Board. “It also shows how we make more progress on addressing climate change and better ensuring equitable access to transportation throughout the region.”

“The plan shows how recent investments are sustaining improvements to state highways and ferries.  It also demonstrates the need to focus more on maintaining and improving city streets and county roads, which are underfunded,” says Becky Erickson, Mayor of Poulsbo and Vice-Chair of the region’s Transportation Policy Board.

The new draft plan is being updated to meet federal requirements to review regional plans every four years.

Features of the draft plan include:

  • A new regional approach to getting ready for autonomous, connected, shared and electric vehicles
  • A first-ever integrated transit plan expected to increase transit boardings from 215 million to over 500 million per year
  • A new approach to potential long-term funding that matches state plans for possible road user charges to replace the fuel tax
  • Plans to meet the needs of the region’s aviation system

The draft Regional Transportation Plan and supporting materials can be viewed here.