Education is the foundation of the economy

Regional Economic Strategy seeks to improve learning at all levels

As school starts again around the region, it’s a great time to note that we learned a lot about the importance of education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether in person or remote, learning is essential at all levels for the economy to remain stable and grow.

The Regional Economic Strategy is looking at every level of education to find ways to improve outcomes equitably and sustainably. From childcare to pre-Kindergarten through high school and even higher education and workforce training.

The region’s economy relies on a trained and talented workforce. Children growing up in the region require world class educational opportunities to compete in a global labor market for jobs in their own communities. Prioritizing early learning is a key to our continued economic success.

However, even before the pandemic, students in Washington were falling behind on basic education and graduate high school at lower rates than the national average.

Students of color face disproportionate challenges to educational success. While white and Asian students graduate at higher rates than the regional average. Students from all other racial and ethnic groups graduate at lower rates, with American Indian/Alaskan Native students graduating at a rate more than 20 points lower than the regional average.

The new Regional Economic Strategy is looking for ways to support the education systems that serve all students, including training programs to address workforce gaps and advance economic opportunity.

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