Efforts to land Boeing’s new jet in high gear

NMA Council highlighting state’s aerospace assets

Leaders in the effort to win Boeing’s potential new middle-of-the-market airplane (NMA) were in the region this week highlighting why Washington is #1 for aerospace competitiveness.

On Thursday, PSRC’s Executive Board was briefed on the Aerospace Competitive Economics Study.

Some highlights from the study:

  • Washington has a highly educated population – 1 in 29 residents has an engineering degree
  • Innovative economy – 3rd highest patent filings per capita and 5th highest in R&D investment
  • Huge cluster of aerospace suppliers
  • Strong economy – 3rd fastest per capita GDP growth
  • Aerospace “super cluster” unmatched in the world
  • Very favorable labor cost – every $1 paid to aerospace workers generates $11 in revenue, translating into the 4th lowest unit labor costs in the nation
  • Lowest priced electricity rates in the nation
  • Favorable business climate with aerospace

You can read the full study here.

Snohomish County central to Washington aerospace advantage

Earlier in the week, leaders met in Snohomish County, where Paine Field’s Aerospace Training Complex brings together Everett and Edmonds Community Colleges, the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee and the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center to serve more than 200 aerospace employers.

The county employs 48 percent of Washington state’s aerospace workforce, supporting Boeing and other major global OEMs Bombardier, Comac, Embraer, Mitsubishi and Sukoi.

“I’m proud to host the Governor’s New Mid-Market Airplane Council in Snohomish County, the heart of the global aerospace industry,” said Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive and PSRC President.

“Snohomish County’s many assets play an important role in Boeing’s operations. Nearly half of the state’s aerospace workers are here, as well as over 200 aerospace firms. We have the Port of Everett, an integral link in Boeing’s supply chain; several higher education institutions with workforce training expertise; ample room for businesses to grow and expand near Paine Field and in the Manufacturing Innovation Center area of Arlington/Marysville; and a business-friendly environment."

The Choose Washington NMA Council is traveling the state to showcase the diverse assets that make Washington #1 for aerospace.

The Council includes representatives from Washington business, labor, local and state government, and others.

PSRC is providing staff support to the NMA Council, and many of PSRC’s member jurisdictions participate on the NMA Council and/or have contributed funds to the effort.

You can subscribe to email news and updates from the NMA Council or visit nma.choosewashingtonstate.com for more information.