Emergency Executive Board meeting on April 16

Action on $538 million in federal funding for region’s transit agencies

The Executive Board will hold a special meeting on April 16 to distribute $538 million in CARES Act Funding to the region’s transit agencies.  This funding is targeted to address impacts from the COVID-19 crisis and better enable recovery across the region.

Under federal law, PSRC has project selection authority for all projects programming regional funds from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration.

PSRC has been working closely with the region’s transit agencies on the distribution methodology for the CARES Act funding.

Feedback from each of the transit agencies has been consistent. The unanimous recommendation from the Transportation Operators Committee is to use the region’s adopted “earned share” distribution formula, and to expedite the processing of the funds.

View the recommended allocations by agency.

The earned share formula is based on the national FTA distribution formula, which allocates transit funds using federal census data and transit system data on service characteristics for each transit agency, including ridership, population and other data.  See this page for the details on the data used in this formula.

Once approved, PSRC will provide the allocations to FTA. Each transit agency will then work with FTA on the processing of grants.

Meeting Information

The Executive Board meeting will be Thursday, April 16, at 10 a.m.  View full agenda.

The meeting will be remote only, in accordance with Governor Inslee's Stay Home, Stay Healthy emergency proclamation.   No in-person meeting attendance is permitted.

The public is encouraged to follow the meeting via live stream at https://www.psrc.org/boards/watch-meetings or listen by phone at 1-888-748-9073, Meeting ID: 246-389-147.

A special meeting of the Executive Board is allowed by PSRC’s Bylaws if PSRC’s president determines that an emergency exists and that notice is given three work days in advance of the meeting.

How to Make a Comment

Public comment on items on the Board’s agenda will only be accepted via email. Comments should be sent to: srogers@psrc.org. Comments received up to one hour before the meeting will be provided to Board members electronically during the meeting. Comments received after that deadline will be provided to Board members after the meeting.



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