Executive Board sets policy framework for PSRC funding process

$524 million for transportation in 2021-2022

Today the Executive Board approved the policies and procedures that guide project selection for the roughly $524 million the region expects to receive in 2021 and 2022.

The policy framework details the process for selecting projects for funding available to the region from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration.

As in past years, the policy focus supports centers and the corridors that serve them.  The framework would increase the funding available for the rural town centers to $5 million.

The policy framework also continues to set aside a portion of funds for preservation needs and bicycle and pedestrian projects.

The call for projects and all application materials are now posted on the PSRC website.

Also at the meeting, the Executive Board was briefed on a proposed regional aviation baseline study that would build on the master planning work underway at many of the region’s airports and set a regional stage for future planning.

The board directed staff to proceed with the study.