Executive Somers named PSRC Vice President

The new Vice President of the Puget Sound Regional Council is a veteran regional leader:  Snohomish  County Executive Dave Somers.

[caption id="attachment_8471" align="alignleft" width="300"]Somers Snohomish County's Dave Somers addressing the PSRC General Assembly last year. He was sworn in as County Executive this week and named Vice President of the PSRC.[/caption]

Redmond Mayor John Marchione, the President of the PSRC, announced the appointment today:

“I am pleased to announce that Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers has enthusiastically accepted the job of Vice President of the Puget Sound Regional Council.

Under the By-Laws of the PSRC, a vacancy in the position of Vice President requires the PSRC President to make an appointment.

Executive Somers could not be more qualified.  He’s a long time member of the Executive Board and the longest serving Chair of the Growth Management Policy Board.

When you get the chance, please join me in thanking Executive Somers for taking on this new role in regional leadership.

It’s one more reason to be excited about our work ahead in 2016.”

Executive Somers remains the current Chair of the region’s Growth Management Policy Board until a replacement is named.

The President and Vice President of the Regional Council are elected each year by the region’s elected leadership at the PSRC General Assembly.  Each typically serves for two years.

As Vice President, Executive Somers will chair the PSRC’s Operations Committee, which oversees the agency’s budget and work program and  makes recommendations to the Executive Board.

Somers succeeds former Snohomish County Executive John Lovick, who was elected PSRC Vice President last year.