FTA adjustment funds transit projects

Additional $38.8 million in funding

PSRC has approved its annual adjustment of Federal Transit Administration funding, which amounts to an additional $38.8 million for projects.

Projects receiving funding through this action include:

  • Kitsap Transit’s Passenger Only Ferry Terminal Improvements 2018-2020, $418,209
  • Kitsap Transit’s North Base, $255,533
  • Intercity Transit Pattison MOA Expansion & Rehabilitation, $2,285,600
  • King County Bus Replacements, $5,054,336
  • Pierce Transit Clean Fuels Bus Replacement/Expansion, $45,870
  • Skagit Transit Purchase of Vans/Buses, $231,669
  • Skagit Transit 2018-2020 Commuter Bus Operations, $124,697
  • Sound Transit Northgate Link (UW Station to Northgate), $2,834,056
  • Sound Transit Regional Express Bus Program, $4,701,583
  • Sound Transit Sounder and Link State of Good Repair, $9,809,304
  • Washington State Ferries Vessel Preservation and Improvement, $2,457,407
  • Community Transit Marysville UZA Transit Operations, $123,005
  • Community Transit Vehicles, $2,524,991

The adjustment funding reflects both increases and decreases in amounts earned by each transit agency, as well as an increase to the regional portion of funds in the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett urbanized area. Additionally, one previously funded project returned $1.5 million to the regional pot.

Due to the adjustment about $4.4 million was approved for distribution to projects on the FTA Regional contingency list.