Funding for special needs transportation

Policy board to recommend funding on Nov 9

Additional funding has become available for special needs transportation in the region. These are services that provide mobility for seniors, people with disabilities, and individuals living with low incomes.

The Transportation Policy Board will act on the funding recommendation on November 9.

The following projects would receive a boost of funding (see a detailed list here):

Sustain Community Shuttles for Seniors and People with Disabilities in King County – Provides service to seniors and people with disabilities in several Seattle and south King County communities - $25,972

Mobility Management in King County – Supports coordination and education about special needs transportation options - $58,542

Snohomish County Transportation Coalition – Supports a needs assessment/gaps analysis for special needs populations and underserved areas of Snohomish County - $24,038

Transportation Assistance Program, Transportation Outreach – Provides custom travel instruction presentations for seniors in Snohomish County - $2,261

Transportation Assistance Program – Adds service hours to provide transportation for seniors and people with disabilities who live outside of transit service areas in Snohomish County - $30,033

Disabled Veterans Transportation – Volunteer transportation program that helps disabled veterans living in Snohomish County get to medical and other essential appointments - $37,866.

The projects were on a contingency list approved by PSRC’s Executive Board earlier this year.  Since then, the region has received a small boost in funding that can now fully fund most of these projects.

Also on the Transportation Policy Board agenda:

  • Projects recommended for funding through the Transportation Alternatives Program
  • Regional Transportation Plan – board direction to release for public comment in December
  • Federal safety performance targets
  • 2017 Transit Integration Report

See the full agenda here. The meeting will be Thursday, November 9, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., at PSRC. Attend in person or watch the meeting video


How do projects get added to the list for consideration of funding in this process?

Thanks for your question. To be on the contingency list for this round of funding (PSRC 2016-2017 Coordinated Grant), projects would have had to apply for funding during the call for projects in 2016.  The next opportunity to apply for special needs transportation funding will likely be in late summer/fall of 2018, with funding becoming available by July 1, 2019.