Getting ready for 2050

Environmental review to compare different growth alternatives

Kicking off the environmental review process for VISION 2050 is at the top of the agenda for the Growth Management Policy Board on November 1.

It’s an important milestone in extending the region's growth strategy to 2050.

Three distinct growth alternatives are being recommended for environmental review:  No Action (Stay the Course), Transit Focused, and Reset Urban Growth.

Each alternative distributes anticipated growth – 1.8 million people and 1.2 jobs by 2050 – across the region in different ways.

The analysis will reveal how the different alternatives are likely to affect things like transit use, how many hours people are delayed in traffic, air quality and other measures.

The results will help the growth board develop a preferred regional growth strategy alternative and draft plan in the spring of 2019.

The November 1 meeting agenda also includes: 

  • VISION 2050 chapters on the Economy and Public Services
  • Certification for the Tacoma Mall Subarea Plan

Find the full agenda here or watch the meeting video.