Growing in centers and near transit

Planning for nearly 6 million people by 2050

The draft VISION 2050 plan supports more growth around major transit stations and in centers.

In 2050, there will be over 80 light rail stations, 42 lines of bus rapid transit, 10 ferry routes, and 14 commuter rail stations. This is a major expansion compared to transit service today and will mean better transit service in all four counties.

These transit modes are called high-capacity transit for their ability to move a lot of people all around the region.  PSRC has also designated 29 regional growth centers, which are major mixed-use areas planning for significant growth.

Connecting people to jobs and services by transit supports mobility throughout the region, reduces pollution, and connects people to opportunity.

The Regional Growth Strategy has an ambitious goal of attracting 65% of population growth to the region’s growth centers and high-capacity transit station areas, leveraging unprecedented investments to expand public transit throughout the region.  The plan also supports increased density near appropriate transit stations and seeks to implement the Growing Transit Communities Strategy and the Regional Centers Framework.

What do you think?  How should local governments and PSRC be planning near transit?  PSRC is seeking comments on the draft VISION 2050 plan through Monday, September 16.