Growth board to discuss options for Regional Growth Strategy

Strategy will guide growth patterns through 2050

With 1.8 million more people and 1.2 more jobs coming to the region by 2050, where should new housing, businesses and other development go?

That’s the fundamental question for the Growth Management Policy Board as it works on options for the VISION 2050 Regional Growth Strategy.

On September 6 the board will have an extended meeting to continue discussion of the Regional Growth Strategy. Breakout sessions will give time for board members to dig into the topic.

The objective of Regional Growth Strategy work this fall is to define two or three distinct growth scenarios for environmental analysis.

The growth scenarios could range from “stay the course” (meaning the current plans are extended to 2050), to a greater emphasis on focusing growth around transit, to a more dispersed growth pattern, or other potential alternatives identified by the board in its discussion.

VISION is the region’s long-term strategy for sustainable growth in the central Puget Sound region. It includes goals, multicounty planning policies, and implementation actions.

It also includes the Regional Growth Strategy, which provides numeric guidance for planning for population, housing, and employment growth in countywide targets and local comprehensive plans.

The update of VISION now underway will extend the planning horizon for the growth strategy to 2050. The Growth Management Policy Board is guiding work on VISION 2050.

The Growth Management Policy Board will meet September 6, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., at PSRC. (Note extended time.)  See the full agenda here or watch the meeting video.