Growth board unanimously recommends VISION 2050

Plan moves to Executive Board for consideration

The region reached an important milestone this month as the Growth Management Policy Board unanimously recommended adoption of the draft VISION 2050 plan by the Executive Board.

For the past two years, the growth board has been working collaboratively to create a plan that prepares the region for anticipated population and job growth over the next three decades.

VISION 2050 is about sustaining a healthy environment, thriving communities and a strong economy.  It contains multicounty planning policies that provide a common framework for local plans, implement the Regional Growth Strategy, and provide the policy structure for other regional plans.

VISION 2050 also contains actions that outline responsibilities and tasks for PSRC, local governments, and others to implement the plan.

The draft recommended by the board includes amendments made based on the feedback received from a 60-day public comment period earlier this year.

The amendments include strengthening language and policies on climate change, adjustments to the Regional Growth Strategy, as well as new and revised policies on Puget Sound recovery, military installations, social equity, and engagement with tribal nations.

The recommended draft plan will move to the Executive Board in January. Final environmental review documents will also be available in early 2020. The Executive Board is scheduled to recommend VISION 2050 to the General Assembly this spring.