Growth in transit communities

Study shows transit communities are popular places to live

The region is growing, but where are these new people and jobs locating?

A forthcoming study from PSRC shows that transit communities, areas within one quarter to one half of mile of current and future high capacity transit such as light rail, bus rapid transit, or ferries, are capturing a large percentage of the region’s growth.

The study is part of PSRC’s Growing Transit Communities work to promote thriving and equitable transit communities and to provide tools and resources to implement adopted regional and local plans.

Current and Future High Capacity Transit

Transit communities are popular places to live, growing at double the rate of the region.

With convenient access to trains, ferries, or buses, transit communities connect residents to employment centers, services, and cultural amenities. From 2010 to 2016, transit communities added over 60,000 new residents, accounting for 21% of regional population growth.

Ash Way, South Lake Union, Downtown Redmond, and South Federal Way saw some of the largest increases in population.

Population in Transit Communities

Transit communities are also attractive places for businesses to locate and expand.

Almost 100,000 new jobs were added in station areas, excluding the 160,000 jobs in downtown Seattle, from 2010 to 2015. This accounts for 30% of the region’s total job growth.

Jobs in Transit Communities

South Lake Union, Broadway Street in Everett, and Judkins Park in Seattle experienced the largest job growth.

The expansion of the region’s high capacity transit system offers an important opportunity to create and enhance compact, walkable transit communities that help to promote regional mobility, economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

Cities and counties, in coordination with transit agencies and PSRC, are encouraging population and job growth in these areas to make the most of transportation system investments.

You can learn more about the study and other innovative work to promote growth in transit communities at Building Transit, Building Opportunity, a full-day event on Wednesday, October 11 from 9 am to 3 pm at Plaza Roberto Maestas.

More information about the event and registration available here.