Housing Innovations Program (HIP) Updated

New tool provides strategies to promote housing options and affordability in local communities

PSRC has updated the Housing Innovations Program (HIP) for jurisdictions to develop tools and strategies to promote housing options and affordability in local communities. This new version includes an interactive search function that allows users to sort the HIP’s 49 tools and strategies based on local conditions.

The HIP is organized around objectives reflected in VISION 2050 and shared by many jurisdictions:

  • Promote housing in centers and near transit
  • Provide housing options in expensive markets
  • Build missing middle density
  • Increase neighborhood stability by mitigating residential displacement
  • Build community support for affordable housing

Each resource includes a description, how it may fit into a local jurisdiction’s housing goals, and the level of affordability it can produce.

Previously released in 2011, the HIP is a collection of tools and strategies that are provided as downloadable files for easy sharing. They can be used alone or collected and used in conjunction with one another to develop strategies and policies.

The HIP is intended to serve as a jumping off point for jurisdictions to learn more about housing tools and strategies. A key goal of this update was to make the site more user-friendly, and we welcome any additional feedback to improve this resource.

Check out the Housing Incentives & Tools Survey Report (2020) to learn more about housing tools currently in use in the central Puget Sound region, or visit our Housing page to learn more about policy work being conducted at the regional level.


Animation showing the filtering options for the HIP Tool.