Industries show impacts from the pandemic

Hotels lose half their workforce; cable programming positions double

Many of the region’s major industries have lost employment, while some have held steady or even gained jobs during the pandemic.

Staff shared findings on economic impacts in a presentation to the Central Puget Sound Economic Development District.

The data compares statewide employment in Q2 (April-June) of 2019 with Q2 2020. This quarter captured much of the initial job loss due to the onset of the pandemic, though many industries were impacted beyond that and continue to be affected still.

Staff analyzed industries important in the central Puget Sound region.

Industries that went down:
  • Aerospace down 8.6%. The Aerospace Manufacturing subsector was down 7.0%. Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation job loss was 11.0%.
  • Maritime down 7.4%. Although Ship Building and Repairing went up 2.7%, the subsectors of Marinas, Fishing, Deep Sea Passenger Transportation and Coastal Freight & Passenger Transportation all lost 10% or more.
  • Tourism down 45.5%. More than half of all jobs in Hotels and Motels were lost. Full-Service Restaurants cut 47.1% of their workforce, totaling 53,000 workers.
  • Transportation Logistics down 6.1%. Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation lost 11.0%. But countering those losses were the subsectors of Couriers and Express Delivery Services, which gained 9.2%, and General Warehousing and Storage, which grew by 5.4%.
Industries that went up or remained fairly stable:
  • Business Services down 1.9%. While this industry overall hasn’t budged much during COVID, services related to advertising lost 45.2% of their jobs, and lessors of nonresidential buildings lost 22.4%.
  • Information & Technology up 5.4%. Cable & Other Subscription Programming doubled its workforce, Software Publishers gained 9.5%, and Internet Publishing grew by 15.2%.
  • Life Sciences down 1.6%. This industry had big losses in the Dental and Surgical Supply Manufacturing subsector, but Medicinal and Biological Product Manufacturing jobs increased when COVID hit.

Data comes from the Washington State Employment Security Department’s Quarterly Census of Employment. View the complete slideshow.

PSRC is working to update Amazing Place, the Regional Economic Strategy. The strategy is updated every five years and includes analysis of regionally significant industries. This update will pay specific attention to how the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic downturn have impacted major industries in different ways.