Kenmore opens new sidewalk project on 181st Street

PSRC contributed $93,000 to the project

Downtown Kenmore is on the road to being more walk- and bike-friendly!

Kenmore has debuted sidewalks along NE 181st St between 68th Ave NE and 73rd Ave NE on both sides of the street, with street lighting, trees, and an extended curb to enhance pedestrian safety and visibility while crossing the street.

The project includes innovative use of a new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon that lets drivers know when someone is using the crosswalk.

People will enjoy improved access to City Hall, Town Square and the Hangar community building.

PSRC contributed $93,000 to the design of the project in 2014 as part of its Transportation Alternatives Program. 

Look for a new cycle of Transportation Alternatives Program coming soon, about $16 million will be available.