Lander Street Overpass slated for completion in 2019

Final funding in place

The long overdue Lander Street Overpass is on schedule to be completed in 2019. 

The $123 million project will provide a much needed crossing for cars, trucks, and people over a heavily used rail line. The design includes a barrier-separated, 14-foot trail for bicycles and pedestrians.

Not only has it been an unsafe intersection, up to 100 trains use the rail line per day and often trucks heading into the port can get stopped there for lengthy periods of time. 

Senator Maria Cantwell helped secure $45 million for this project through a freight funding program she authored that was approved by congress last year. 

PSRC provided $9.6 million for the project. 

The final piece of funding was approved this week by Port of Seattle to provide the last $10 million needed to finish the project.