Manufacturing/industrial centers to be focus of next growth board meeting

Key locations for commercial and industrial activity

On June 1, the Growth Management Policy Board will continue digging into the Centers Framework with a special focus on manufacturing industrial centers.

The Centers Framework project is taking a look at ways that the region can support centers in attracting development and achieve the region’s growth strategy.

Currently the region has nine designated manufacturing industrial centers (MICs).  These are locations for more intensive commercial and industrial activity.

Both regional growth centers and regional manufacturing/industrial centers are focal points for planned growth, economic development and transportation infrastructure investments.

In addition to the designated MICs, there are other locations of industrial activity in the region. PSRC’s Industrial Lands Analysis revealed over 150,000 industrial jobs on non-MIC industrial lands.

The board will discuss options for standardizing expectations and minimum criteria for manufacturing industrial centers.

The project Background Paper (pages 48 – 60) includes discussion on key findings related to MICs.

The meeting will also include review of regional funding as it relates to centers, and a recap of where the board left off with review of the regional growth centers and military installations at the last meeting. 

Also on the agenda:

  • Certification of the comprehensive plan update for the City of Stanwood
  • Regional Open Space Conservation Plan Update

For more details, see the agenda or watch the meeting on June 1, 10 am – 12 noon.