Maritime Blue and Tourism

Two state briefings at EDD Board

Washington state is leading an effort to be home to the nation's most sustainable maritime industry by 2050.

The state released the Washington Maritime Blue Strategy in January 2019. This is an initiative to bolster innovations in the maritime sector and create living-wage jobs, protect the environment and ensure sustainability for the industry. The initiative is meant to build on Washington's strengths as a global leader in maritime technology innovation and best practices.

Washington's maritime sector includes commercial fishing and seafood, recreational boating and sport fishing, shipping and cargo handling, shipbuilding, repair and maintenance, passenger ferries, military and defense,ocean science technologies,and maritime support businesses.

The EDD Board will receive a briefing on the strategy and the implementation efforts underway.

The board will also hear about the Washington Tourism Alliance's work to implement a statewide marketing plan and work with local communities to ensure that tourism activities benefit all regions of the state.

View the full meeting agenda or watch online at 1pm on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.