Metro Everett plan receives certification

Planning for housing and jobs in downtown Everett

The City of Everett reached a new planning milestone this month with the certification of its Metro Everett subarea plan by the Executive Board.

PSRC is responsible for reviewing and certifying subarea planning efforts of jurisdictions with designated regional centers. It’s a good opportunity to coordinate and share information on local and regional planning.

Everett’s subarea plan builds upon recent planning efforts in the city, including the Everett Station Area and Downtown plans.

The Everett center encompasses 670 acres and includes the historic Everett downtown. It is served by Everett Transit, Community Transit, and Sound Transit, and will be home to the northern terminus of the Link light rail expected in 2036.

The plan vision focuses on transformation of the center into a vibrant, walkable destination with a mix of uses, a variety of housing and employment opportunities, shopping, culture and open space.

The city is planning for 22,000 more residents in the center and 9,591 new housing units by 2035.