New Public Participation Plan

PSRC has finalized its Public Participation Plan

PSRC’s Public Participation Plan reflects its current practices for public involvement, consultation with interested parties, interagency consultation, and agency governance and operations, all in one document for public reference.

The 2017 plan includes expanded social media on Facebook and Twitter, increased use of the blog, updated State Environmental Policy Act procedures, and additional translation services.

Both the draft Public Participation Plan and updated State Environmental Policy Act procedures underwent public comment periods. 

PSRC developed its first Public Participation Plan in 1993.  It was updated in 1994, 2002, 2007 2012 and last in 2014.

These plans were developed in collobaration with PSRC membership, boards and committees, interagency consultation process, stakeholder groups, interested parties and the public.

PSRC's public involvement practices have been refined through public processes by incorporating outreach strategies that proved effective in involving the public during specific studies, as well as new federal and state guidance.