New road rehab grants for locals

State launches $40 million program

The state has launched a new grant program with up to $40 million available this year targeting rehabilitation of the most important local roads.

Cities and counties with roads on the National Highway System can submit two projects each for grants of up to $5 million.  They’ll need a match of at least 13.5 percent.  Applications are due May 26.

“The program will evaluate an agency’s use of pavement management strategies and an agency’s level of investment to preserve and maintain their roadway system……emphasizing pavement rehabilitation over reconstruction,” says WSDOT’s Local Program’s Manager Kathleen Davis.

The effort is funded by the federal FAST-Act and is designed to support development of an asset management program for all routes on the state’s National Highway System, which is comprised of key state and local highways and arterials.

Earlier this year the state reported that 54 percent local pavement on the system was in “poor condition” – just three percent of state routes were in “poor condition.”

Federal policy will require that each state’s entire NHS meet performance standards.

A committee created by the Governor recommended a total of $75 million for the new program – the state plans another round of grants next year for both state and local routes.