New transit center on Wheaton Way in Bremerton

Congratulations, Kitsap Transit!

East Bremerton is getting a new transit center.

The Wheaton Way Transit Center features nine bus bays and a 162-stall Park and Ride. It will also offer electric-vehicle charging stations, new sidewalks, bike storage and a bus-driver comfort station. The design is ADA accessible and includes stormwater management facilities.

Eight Kitsap Transit routes will serve the new center beginning the morning of December 2.

The facility was built on vacant land and replaces an existing transfer center site that Kitsap Transit leases at SR 303 and Sylvan Way.

The new site is closer to housing and allows for future growth of public transit operations along Wheaton Way for the next 30-40 years.

PSRC contributed $800,000 in funding to the Wheaton Way Transit Center.



When will kitsap transit start helping us out on the west side of 16? Those of us who do NOT work at the shipyard are basically left high and dry while kitsap keeps providing bus service to shipyard workers only.

We have forwarded your comment to Kitsap Transit.