New visualization tool

Offers insight into the state of the transportation system

PSRC has debuted a new visualization tool developed to support the Regional Transportation Plan.

The tool is the culmination of research and data collection efforts on a variety of aspects of the transportation system begun last year. These included bicycle and pedestrian facilities, regional freight assets, traffic signals, Transportation Demand Management Programs, and specialized transportation services throughout the region. These data sets can be seen in context with other regional information such as demographics, regional centers, and transit stations among others.

Key findings from the research show:

  • Signal coordination is available on congested corridors
  • Just over half the region’s arterials have partial or full sidewalks
  • High capacity transit is available in 22 of the region’s cities
  • Most of the region’s population lives within the ADA transit service area
  • Over 3% of the bridges are in poor condition

The tool will be used to help identify the needs and opportunities for system improvements, which can inform the comprehensive planning updates to be undertaken by local jurisdictions in the next few years.

A brief User Guide and a Data Dictionary for the various layers within the tool are available.  In addition, contained as tabs within the tool are three illustrative modules showing how certain layers can be combined to inform local and regional planning on system improvements. These show non-motorized access to transit, signals, and bridge conditions. You can also view a presentation on the research.