Open Space Conservation Tools

New video: What is Transfer of Development Rights?

PSRC is developing an Open Space Conservation Toolkit to aid county and city conservation efforts, including during the upcoming comprehensive plan update cycle. The toolkit will build on the Regional Open Space Conservation Plan, which identifies the most important open space resources in the region.

A variety of conservation tools can be used to preserve the ecosystem services on these lands, including conservation futures programs and ecosystem service markets.

One of the most promising conservation tools is the Transfer of Development Rights. TDR is a market-based mechanism that encourages the voluntary transfer of development rights from places where a community would like to see less growth to places where a community would like to see more development.

Conservation non-profit Forterra recently developed this video to help spread the word about the potential of Transfer of Development Rights programs: 

PSRC will continue to work with counties, resource agencies, and other stakeholders to help shape the toolkit and provide input on conservation tools.

It is expected that the project will take place over the course of 2021, with a draft toolkit available for review in fall 2021 and a final version available by early 2022.