Park-and-ride use grew from 2002 to 2019

New dashboard shows data by county and subarea

PSRC has created a new dashboard that displays park-and-ride data between 2002 and 2019.

Image of Park-and-Ride Trends Dashboard

It shows trends for available and occupied spaces, percent of available spaces occupied, and number of lots, as well as an interactive map.

The data dashboard covers the entire central Puget Sound region and six smaller subareas: North King County, East King County, South King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County and Kitsap County.

Across the region, both available and occupied spaces at park-and-ride lots have steadily grown over the last few decades. The number of occupied spaces dipped during the last recession, around 2009-2010, but continued to trend upward in the following years.

From 2016 to 2019, the total number of available spaces, occupied spaces, and lots have gone down slightly. East Link construction and the closure of the South Bellevue lot is most likely a major cause in the decreased numbers.

The only subareas that have lower park-and-ride usage rates now than in 2002 are South King County and Kitsap County.

Impacts from COVID-19 aren’t yet reflected in the data. PSRC will continue to add transit agency data from the current year as it becomes available.