Parking, transit benefits from employers

Higher-income workers are more likely to have employer-subsidized transit

Most workers in the region have access to free parking, while about a third are offered free or subsidized transit from their employer.

Those were among the findings from the 2017 Puget Sound Travel Survey, which included questions about transit use, employer benefits and parking.

The survey found that 82 percent of respondents had access to free parking at work.

About a third of the workers surveyed said their employers offer free or subsidized transit (530,000 people across the state have jobs with employers in a Commute Trip Reduction program).

About 18 percent of the survey participants reported taking advantage of their employers’ transit assistance. A similar share (16 percent) were offered transit help from their employers but didn’t use it.

Households with lower incomes were less likely to get help from employers with transit expenses. They were also less likely to use the assistance when it was offered.

The survey also showed that transit riders are also walkers: over 80 percent said they walk (or even jog!) to their stops. Another 10 percent drive and park, 4 percent are dropped off by someone else, and 3 percent get there by bike or some other way.

The majority (61 percent) of transit users in our survey use ORCA cards rather than cash or tickets.

The Puget Sound Regional Council conducts a regional travel survey every two years to learn more about how and where people travel in the region.

We’ll be launching the 2019 travel survey in April. You might be one of thousands of residents in region who will receive invitations to participate this spring.