Parking trends in the central Puget Sound region

Report highlights off-street parking trends between 2013 to 2018

PSRC’s parking inventory collects data on off-street parking facilities in the region’s central business districts, ferry terminals, and some urban neighborhoods.

Our new report highlights off-street parking trends between 2013 and 2018. Some of the findings include:

  • Regionwide, there was a 13% increase in parking stalls from 2013 to 2018.
  • Nearly all off-street parking costs (hourly, daily, monthly) increased since the 2013 parking inventory, accounting for inflation.
  • A few exceptions to this trend include costs for daily parking at the Southworth and Bainbridge ferry terminals and in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, and monthly parking costs in Everett.
  • Seattle continues to be the city with the highest off-street parking costs in the region.

PSRC conducts the parking inventory about every three to five years. This is the 12th regional inventory since the program began in 1987. The inventory collects information on the number of stalls, facility type, and parking costs at each parking facility. The types of off-street parking surveyed include public and private, free, and pay-to-park facilities.

The data help inform forecasts for transportation and land use. This year the pandemic has upended normal commute patterns. Future parking inventories will capture any long-term trends in parking capacity and costs.

You can read the Parking Inventory report here and learn more on the Parking Inventory page.