Path to full plan certification for six small cities

The Executive Board has unanimously approved an alternative path to fully certify the comprehensive plans for six small cities.

This new option allows full plan certification if the cities make a commitment to completing a number of steps that support VISION 2040.

Last year the plans for Bonney Lake, Carnation, Covington, Gig Harbor, North Bend and Snoqualmie received conditional certification from PSRC because the cities’ plans anticipate growth substantially above adopted countywide growth targets for housing and jobs.

The Growth Management Policy Board reviewed the conditional certifications this fall and made a recommendation for creating a path to certification.

Specifically, the cities would be asked to adopt a city council commitment to:

  • Acknowledge the planned housing and employment growth anticipated in the small city’s adopted comprehensive plan is greater than adopted growth targets for the city and acknowledge the importance of managing that growth and mitigating its impacts, including on surrounding communities, rural and resource lands, and the regional transportation system.
  • Continue to work collaboratively with regional and countywide planning organizations on growth allocations during the next and future target updates and commit to planning for growth in future plan updates consistent with those collaboratively set and adopted target updates.
  • Identify and continue strategies cities are using to manage and mitigate the impacts of growth.
  • Reinforce the city’s commitment to managing its growth within current city and Urban Growth Area boundaries while minimizing impacts on surrounding rural and resource lands; commit to using the adopted countywide criteria for evaluating any requested UGA modifications.
  • Commit to prioritize consistency with the Regional Growth Strategy when considering future land use and zoning changes and capital facilities investments.

You can watch the presentation and discussion here starting at about 39:30.