Policy Framework for PSRC's Federal Funds

Transportation board to make a recommendation

The Transportation Policy Board will act on the 2022 Policy Framework for PSRC’s Federal Funds at its meeting on January 13.
The framework contains the policies and procedures for conducting the competitive processes for PSRC funds from both FHWA and FTA funding sources, including the funding estimates to be used, set-aside programs, the split of funds amongst the various programs, the project evaluation criteria, and other administrative procedures.

The board will also discuss the preliminary work program for 2022 and be briefed on the activities of the Economic Development District.

Members of the public can attend meetings at PSRC’s offices, watch the meeting live at 9:30 am on Thursday, January 13, 2022 or listen by phone 1-888- 475-4499, Meeting ID: 878 6268 1077, Passcode: 840998.

To make a written comment, email to cmoreau@psrc.org up to one hour before the meeting. To make a verbal comment remotely, register here

You may also provide public comment in person. Please see this page for information on PSRC’s hybrid board meetings.