Potential action on centers framework proposal

Growth board to review public comments, decide on next steps

Work on a refreshed centers framework is in the final stretch.

On Thursday the Growth Management Policy Board will review comments on the draft centers proposal that was released for public comment last month.

The board received 40 comments, including written correspondence and in-person testimony.

Board members will provide direction to staff on incorporating comments and could potentially recommend the centers proposal for Executive Board action.

Centers play a big role in how the region accommodates growth. The region’s centers framework defines the types of central places that are the focus of growth, planning, and investment.

The Growth Management Policy Board is guiding the effort to evaluate the centers framework and recommend changes to recognize different scales of centers using consistent designation criteria and procedures.

Also on the board’s meeting agenda is a recommendation to fully certify the comprehensive plan for the City of Carnation.

Find the full agenda here. The meeting will be Thursday, November 30, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., at PSRC. Attend in person or watch the meeting video