Potential new manufacturing/industrial center in Sumner-Pacific

The cities of Sumner and Pacific have requested designation of a 2,100-acre industrial area as a regional manufacturing/industrial center.

[caption id="attachment_8596" align="alignleft" width="300"]The potential new regional manufacturing/industrial center is on SR 167 in Pierce County. The potential new regional manufacturing/industrial center is on SR 167 in Pierce County.[/caption]

This would be the first manufacturing/industrial center to be regionally-designated in well over a decade and the only regional center beyond Paine Field that is shared by two jurisdictions. The Sumner-Pacific center would join eight others of these centers in the region, all of which were designated prior to 2003.

The cities point to the importance of the area’s proximity to rail, highways, the Port of Tacoma, as well as the key businesses in the area, such as Amazon, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Composite Solutions.

The proposed Sumner-Pacific center was previously recognized as an important industrial area by Pierce County. The joint-city proposal is compatible with VISION 2040, meets minimum eligibility requirements for designation, and satisfies the criteria adopted by the PSRC Executive Board.

Development within the proposed center could accommodate significant employment growth in an area that is well served by transportation and other public facilities, and its designation as the region’s ninth regional manufacturing/ industrial center would give further support to the cities’ efforts to shape a successful industrial employment area.

If PSRC were to approve the proposed Sumner-Pacific Manufacturing/Industrial Center, it would be provisionally designated pending completion of a subarea plan by the cities and certification that it meets requirements for center plans.

The Growth Management Policy Board will review the application in February and make a recommendation in March. The Executive Board is expected to make the final decision in April.