Professional and business service jobs to double by 2050

Economic policies in VISION 2050

By 2050, the region will have nearly 3.4 million jobs—that’s an increase of 1.2 million.

Much of this job growth is forecasted to be in service-related sectors. Professional and Business Services—which includes scientific, technical, corporate offices, and administrative services—is projected to more than double by 2050. Three other service sectors – Health Services, Food Services, and Information Services also show strong growth through 2050.

chart: employment by sector

More jobs often mean more opportunities, but not all jobs are created equal. Workers and families across the region need living-wage jobs that are accessible or transit-connected.

VISION 2050 underscores investment in all the region's people to create shared prosperity. The draft plan emphasizes policies and actions that promote and diversify living wage jobs, while supporting local, minority-, and women-owned businesses. The Regional Growth Strategy encourages a better jobs-housing balance, shifting expected employment growth from King County to Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

Policies in draft VISION 2050 plan align with the region’s economic strategy, Amazing Place. This strategy was adopted by the region’s Economic Development District Board in 2017 and emphasizes three mutually supportive goals: open economic opportunity for everyone, an ability to compete globally, and sustaining a high quality of life. VISION 2050 builds on this strategy and encourages local implementation.

PSRC is accepting comments on the draft VISION 2050 plan through September 16. Learn more in the online open house!