Project to address ferry traffic in Kingston receives PSRC Funding

SR 104 Realignment to First Street

Kitsap County and the Washington State Department of Transportation have been working closely on a project to help alleviate the effects of ferry traffic on Kingston.

PSRC has approved $1.4 million in Rural Town Centers and Corridors program funding to purchase right of way for the realignment of SR 104 near the Kingston Ferry Terminal for the project.

Drivers entering Kingston often experience long backups and delays, especially on summer weekends. Limited space at the ferry terminal holding area can further block SR 104.

The plan is to widen NE First Street in accordance with the Kingston Complete Streets Plan, a previous recipient of this funding program in 2016.

Eastbound ferry traffic will eventually be diverted onto NE First Street and off Main street, giving the business district a chance to breathe.  The widened NE First Street would eventually hold ferry traffic in both directions.

Between 2005 and 2019, PSRC’s Rural Town Centers and Corridors program has provided $21.4 million to support 42 priority projects in the region’s smaller towns and cities.