PSRC approves $14.4 million for West Seattle Bridge repair

Bridge is key regional asset

Recognizing the urgency of reopening the West Seattle Bridge as soon as possible, the Executive Board has approved $14.4 million of PSRC's federal funds to help complete the bridge repair project.

The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge is Seattle’s most-used bridge, typically carrying about 84,000 vehicles and 19,000 transit passengers every day. The bridge closed in March due to fast-spreading cracks. The closure has caused significant traffic disruption and delays.

Executive Board members noted that the facility is a regional, state and national asset. The bridge provides a critical connection to nearby international cargo terminals and maritime businesses, and is integral to supporting Terminal 5 investments by the Northwest Seaport Alliance. 

Seattle anticipates reopening the bridge to traffic in 2022. For more information, visit Seattle’s West Seattle Bridge program page.



Photo credit: SounderBruce