PSRC funding in the spotlight

The next round of $700 million in PSRC funding will be decided on in 2016. 

The Transportation Policy Board is set to recommend the policy direction for this funding at its meeting on January 14, 2016. The draft policy framework continues to focus on support for centers and corridors, strengthens criteria for equity and air quality, and asks for more information on innovation. The board will also be recommending projects for two programs that had higher than expected funding amounts.

PSRC has an additional $7.7 million in FTA funds to distribute to the region's transit agencies for projects they submit. These funds are part of an adjustment based on transit services provided to the region. Skagit Transit, which provides commuter transit services to the Puget Sound region, has submitted a brand new project for this funding.

PSRC is asking for public comment on a $325,843 funding recommendation for Skagit Transit's Maintenance Operations and Administration Facility. The funding would be used for design and engineering services to remodel the newly acquired facility. An additional $79,676 is also available to partially fund two special needs projects on the contingency list:  one King County Metro project and the Hyde Shuttle run by Senior Services of King County.

The meeting will also include a recommendation on Issaquah’s plan for its Regional Growth Center and an amendment to the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project. See the full Transportation Policy Board meeting agenda here, watch the meeting here next week.