PSRC launches Economic Development Element Guide

Guide provides framework for developing economic elements

PSRC staff have recently completed an Economic Development Element Guide to provide technical assistance to  local partners in developing the economic development element of their comprehensive plans.

As part of the VISION 2050 implementation process, the guide explains the utility of the economic development element, describes the development of a SWOT analysis, details common data metrics, and briefs planners on the policy-making process.

The guide acknowledges there is no one-size-fits-all approach to economic development planning and includes context on thoughtful, place-based economic development planning for communities to tailor to their specific concerns and assets.

The Economic Development Element Guide is organized into goal sections that align with the review checklist that is part of the Plan Review Manual used by PSRC staff when certifying local plans. The guide is designed to be helpful to all communities in the region, regardless of previous economic development planning efforts.

Following the release of this guide, PSRC economic development staff with be holding workshops to assist local planners in the comprehensive plan update process. A workshop on economic development planning will be held later this year.

For more information or questions about the guide please contact Noah P. Boggess at