PSRC membership is growing in Pierce County

Roy and Wilkeson join PSRC

Welcome to the Town of Wilkeson and the City of Roy, PSRC’s newest members!

Roy and Wilkeson join more than 80 other local governments and transportation agencies who come together at PSRC to work on regional transportation, economic development and growth planning.

Roy and Wilkeson both have proud histories and played important roles in the development of the region. 

Wilkeson incorporated in 1909 and was a center for coal mining and smelting. Coke ovens smelted the raw coal into coke, which was taken by rail to Tacoma for shipment. The town also had a sandstone quarry that produced stone used in structures in Tacoma and the Washington State Capitol.


Wilkeson Elementary School
Wilkeson Elementary School was established in 1913 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The school recently completed a major renovation that added a new wing.

Roy was originally founded in 1884 and incorporated as a city in 1908. It was a stop on the Northern Pacific Railroad and was home to many saw mills that supplied lumber for Tacoma. Roy was also a prime growing region for hops used in making beer.  Today farming and cattle raising are main industries.  Wilcox Farms and the Silvaseed Company are two important employers in the city.


Water Tower in Roy WA
The iconic Roy Water Tower supplied water to steam trains in the early 20th century. A community group is now organizing to raise funds to preserve the historic tower.

Both Wilkeson and Roy celebrate fun community events every year. The Roy Pioneer Rodeo Association holds rodeos in June and August. Wilkeson hosts the annual Handcar Races event in July.