PSRC seeking public comment

$4.3 billion Regional Transportation Improvement Program

PSRC is encouraging public comment on a $4.3 billion draft regional Transportation Improvement Program that shows projects moving forward in the central Puget Sound region through 2024, funded by state, federal, regional and local funds.

A complete list of projects and more detailed information is available online at, including an equity analysis and a web map with information on each project. You can view the projects by location, along with other data such as the location of regional centers, designated freight routes and other information. 

The public comment period will run from September 10 through October 22, 2020.

A summary of comments received to date will be provided at the October 8 Transportation Policy Board meeting, when the final 2021-2024 Regional TIP is scheduled to be recommended for Executive Board approval. PSRC's Executive Board is scheduled to approve the final 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program on October 22.

How to make a comment:

  • E-mail:
  • US Mail: Puget Sound Regional Council
    ATTN: Kelly McGourty
    1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500
    Seattle, Washington 98104-1035


Given the reality of an economy on the brink with COVID, transportation investment that assumes high density over the next 5-10 years is going to be grossly incorrect.

Investment in existing road infrastructure, including a focus on those areas where traffic engineering determines there are bottlenecks are most important.

Failure to account for the new reality will cost tax payers dearly and result in diminished property values. The diminished property values will result in a diminished tax base which will result in a failure of the programs that require significant future revenue. The smart money is already leaving the region as macro forces allow the highest paid individuals to work from locations based many things, including avoidance of punitive and in the case of Seattle, extremist political convictions which are antithetical to revenue generation.

Wake up from your woke stupor and realize that this region is being destroyed by forces that lack basic analytic capability.