PSRC seeking public comment on seven transit projects

Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, and King County Metro projects

PSRC is encouraging people to comment on seven projects new to the Regional Transportation Improvement Program.  Projects sponsored by Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, and King County Metro are recommended to receive a total of $44,110,579 in PSRC funds.

The public comment period will run from May 6, 2021 – May 27, 2021. PSRC's Executive Board is scheduled to approve these projects on May 27. 

Everett Transit is recommended to receive $101,489 in PSRC funding to provide American Disability Act (ADA) enhancements at Everett Station.

Kitsap Transit is recommended to receive $3,337,348 to refurbish a new fast ferry vessel prior to it entering into service.

The King County Metro recommendation is for five projects to receive:

  • $6,240,000 for HVAC replacements at the agency’s Bus Base Building;
  • $2,658,576 to develop and build charging infrastructure to support operations of its battery electric buses;
  • $10,340,751 for Link integration projects;
  • $20,432,415 for vehicle and facilities maintenance; and
  • $1,000,000 for wash equipment replacement at its Atlantic Base.

The funding is available due to the annual adjustment of Federal Transit Administration funds, which are awarded to the region's transit agencies based on services provided to the region.  More information and background on that process may be found in PSRC’s Transportation Policy Board May meeting agenda packet at:

How to make a comment:

Mail: Puget Sound Regional Council

ATTN: Jennifer Barnes

1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500

Seattle, Washington 98104-1035