Public comments on Regional Transportation Plan

Transportation board hears summary of key themes

PSRC has received more than 800 individual comments on the draft Regional Transportation Plan.

The comments cover topics including equity and transportation outcomes for minority and low-income groups, emerging transportation technology, toll and road usage charges, climate change, road capacity and more.

The Transportation Policy Board heard a presentation on the comments today and provided direction on next steps.

Key Comment Themes

Financial Strategy

  • General opposition to tolls / road usage charge (15%)
  • General support of tolls / road usage charge (14%)
  • Concerns or suggestions for implementation of the road usage charge and other aspects of the financial strategy (23%)
  • Miscellaneous comments on other aspects of the financial strategy (e.g., local options, specific funding needs) (48%)

Bicycle / Pedestrian

  • General opposition to bicycle / pedestrian planning and investments (11%)
  • General support of bicycle / pedestrian planning and investments (17%)
  • Addressing safety (17%)
  • Corrections and miscellaneous comments (55%)

Project-Specific Comments

  • General support of existing projects
  • Requesting new or additional investments in specific areas


  • General support for equity lens approach in performance measures
  • Work to integrate equity more fully in plan – people and geographies
  • Address equity in implementation of future user fees


  • Broad diversity of comments on variety of topics, from rail to trucks to technical corrections
  • In general, continue to support freight networks & recognize importance

A total of 152 respondents commented on the plan, including individuals, local jurisdictions, business organizations, nonprofits, and advocacy groups.


Location of Public Comments on the Regional Transportation Plan

Map showing location of public comments on the Regional Transportation Plan

Heat map of comments received on the Regional Transportation Plan


All comments received during the public comment period are posted on the PSRC website. A searchable spreadsheet of all comments by category, including a draft response, is provided. 

You can still share your thoughts with policy makers through May 31, 2018, when the plan is scheduled for adoption.

Provide comments by:

  • Submitting a letter to PSRC at 1011 Western Ave #500, Seattle, WA 98104
  • Sending an email
  • Attending a meeting and making formal public comment