Puget Sound Clean Air Agency considering regional clean fuel standard

Aims to reduce emissions from transportation

The Transportation Policy Board was briefed on a potential regional clean fuel standard being considered by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

A clean fuel standard would require a gradual reduction in the carbon intensity of transportation fuels.

PSCAA has identified and evaluated potential actions that could achieve significant emission reductions specifically related to transportation.

The agency looked at the effects of zero emission vehicle adoption; alternative, lower greenhouse gas fuel use; mode shift; and heavy-duty trucking requirements.

Of these potential actions to reduce emission reductions, PSCAA has found that a clean fuel standard would have the largest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide other air quality benefits.

The standard would be market-based, allowing for innovation and flexibility. California, Oregon and British Columbia have already established clean fuel standards.

Governor Jay Inslee has also proposed a statewide clean fuel standard as part of his draft 2019-2021 budget.

The Governor also recently announced that the state would continue to require that emissions from new cars sold in Washington meet the highest standards in the nation.

Under a new rule by the Washington Department of Ecology, all new vehicles licensed in Washington will continue meeting California’s standards, which would progressively reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that cars and trucks emit through 2025. 

View the presentation or watch the meeting discussion (starting about 48:30).