Reclassification of Bonney Lake and Covington

Cities want to move to Larger City category

VISION 2040 uses regional geographies to guide growth expectations. These include Metropolitan, Core, Larger, and Small cities, along with Rural and Unincorporated Areas.

Bonney Lake and Covington were originally identified in VISION 2040 as Small cities, but have requested  reclassification to Larger city from PSRC.

Both cities were found to meet the required Larger city threshold of 22,500 in combined population and employment, as defined in VISION 2040. Based on this, the Growth Management Policy Board recommended the reclassification last November. However, the Executive Board paused the decision to allow time for a broader regional discussion on growth targets and their impacts on local comprehensive plans.

Last year the plans for Bonney Lake, Carnation, Covington, Gig Harbor, North Bend and Snoqualmie all received conditional certification from PSRC because the cities’ plans anticipate growth substantially above adopted countywide growth targets for housing and jobs.

After further discussion and review on the issue, PSRC approved a new path in January to fully certify the comprehensive plans for these cities.

The new option allows full plan certification if the cities make a commitment to completing a number of steps that support VISION 2040.

PSRC anticipates that all of the conditionally certified plans will be fully certified by the end of the year.

At its meeting on March 23, the Executive Board will review the reclassification request by Bonney Lake and Covington.

See the full agenda here or watch it live.