The region’s 2,200 airplane hangars are in high demand

Regional Aviation Baseline Study

The central Puget Sound region is well known as a center for aerospace manufacturing, but aviation activity here is much more than building jets. Many of the region’s airports support crucial general aviation activities - offering business and recreational flights, flight instruction along with medical, emergency and law enforcement services. In fact, out of the 29 regional airports, 26 support these general aviation activities.

Planes used for general aviation are individually owned or corporate or business-owned. Many are stored in hangars, which are leased or rented from the airport. The region boasts more than 2,200 hangars in operation at 16 regional airports with seven airports having more than a hundred hangers. Even with this capacity, space is limited with 13 airports reporting full hangars and waiting lists.


As demand for aviation services continues to grow in the region, some general aviation services are forecasted to grow more than others. Following national trends, airports with significant business or for-profit activity are expected to experience growth, while recreation-focused airports are likely to see little or no growth.

PSRC is conducting a Regional Aviation Baseline Study to better understand the region’s aviation system and options for meeting growing demand. Results from the study will form the technical foundation for future decisions by regional and state leaders.  A final report is due out in fall 2020.