Region’s fastest growing cities

Seattle, Redmond, Kent, Bellevue and Auburn top the list

As the region added 67,860 people in the last year, much of the growth occurred in cities.

The region’s fastest growing cities for total growth include larger cities with designated regional growth centers, including Seattle, Redmond, Kent, Bellevue and Auburn.

Sammamish is the only city on the top 10 list without a regional growth center.

While growth has slowed somewhat in Seattle, the city still made room for an additional 16,700 people in the last year. Since 2010, Seattle’s population has grown by 121,740.

Cities with the largest percent growth include fast-growing small cities such as Newcastle, Gig Harbor and Carnation.

Lynnwood is a larger city that shows up on both top 10 lists, for total growth and percent growth.

Regionwide, the pace of population growth from 2017-2018 eased up compared to the previous two years – but still represents the third highest increase in the past two decades.  

For more population data, including trends by county, check out the new issue of Puget Sound Trends.