Region’s population and job forecasts will look to 2050

What will the region be like in 2050 when today’s kindergartners are 30 something?

To help with long-range planning, PSRC is getting started on extending a key population and employment forecast another decade to 2050.

This work is needed to develop a new long-range forecast to support an update of the region’s growth plan, VISION 2040.

The forecast provides annual projections of total households, persons, jobs, and other economic and demographic variables through the year 2040, at the regional scale. It is an input into PSRC’s land use model (UrbanSim).

Current forecasts through 2040 suggest the region will grow to 4.9 million people, about 900,000 more than today. Total regional employment is expected to increase to over 2.9 million jobs.

Later this month the Executive Board will decide on approval to move ahead with the forecast.

If the Executive Board approves the contract, work will start right away, with a new forecast available in early 2018.