Region adopts new economic strategy

Amazing Place: Growing Jobs and Opportunity in the central Puget Sound region

The region’s Economic Development District board has put its finishing touches on Amazing Place: Growing Jobs and Opportunity in the central Puget Sound region.

It’s a data driven regional economic strategy that identifies leading sectors and the ways the region intends to sustain economic development.

The strategy has three big goals: Open economic opportunities to everyone; compete globally and sustain a high quality of life.  Each goal is supported by specific strategies and initiatives to sustain and grow jobs throughout the region.

The new strategy builds on over a decade of regional strategies.  Since 2010, the region has 334,000 more jobs – a 19 percent increase.

The new strategy continues to emphasize traditional economic development priorities including: transportation, education, international trade and the region’s business climate.

New emphasis areas include a specific rural strategy, initiatives to grow jobs throughout the region, advancing social equity and affordable housing.

The strategy also includes a new implementation framework designed to keep the region nimble.

The EDD board will continuously develop current priority actions.  Examples of upcoming actions could include a new effort to support the region’s growing space sector, along with supporting a broad based statewide effort to secure assembly of Boeing’s proposed middle of the market jet.  The company is expected to formally launch development of the new jet next year.

You can find the latest draft of the new strategy here.  The board made some last minute changes that staff is working to include in a final report later this month.