Region gets new member of state Transportation Commission: Hester Serebrin

Governor Jay Inslee has made two new appointments to the Washington State Transportation Commission, both of whom have roots in the region.

[caption id="attachment_8481" align="alignleft" width="202"]HS Hester Serebrin of Seattle is Governor Inslee's newest appointment to the state transportation commission.[/caption]

Hester Serebrin of Seattle replaces Rita Brogan of Vashon Island.   Deborah Young of Lopez Island replaces Mary Riveland of Orcas Island.

“We face significant challenges managing growing demands on our roadways and ferries and ensuring we make smart use of our transportation resources,” said Inslee. “Deborah and Hester understand these challenges and their experience and expertise in transportation and strategic planning will be of great benefit to the commission.”

Serebrin is no stranger to the PSRC.  She’s a regular at PSRC meetings in her role as a policy analyst for the Transportation Choices Coalition.

She can be expected to join the Executive Board and the Transportation Policy Board and serve as a voice for the region on the Commission.

“Washington state needs an affordable, reliable and safe transportation system to meet the needs of all users,” said Serebrin. “Careful statewide planning can help create sustainable communities with increased opportunities for healthy and active transportation.  Because access to transportation is also a key determinant in economic mobility, our state’s long-term economic health relies on connecting people to jobs, schools and services.”

Commissioner Young owns and operates a small farm on Lopez.  She worked as a natural resource manager for Tacoma Power for over 20 years.

There’s one remaining open spot seven member Commission – a seat that is expected to be filled by someone else within the region.  Lots have applied.

At its meeting next week, the Commission will take up naming the next Olympic Class ferry, get an update on tolls on I-405 and the Tacoma Narrows bridge and get briefed on transit integration within the region.